Live 2002

Coffee Depot

We wish to thank our good friend and incredible photographer Al Tetreault for these photos from the Coffee Depot. The Coffee Depot is a new venue. By day it is a coffee shop featuring the usual array of coffees, teas and pastries. Two nights a week, promoter Tom Abbott brings in live acoustic music. The roster of fine artists who have appeared at the Depot includes: Cheryl Wheeler and Aztec Two Step...

FolksTogether has performed at the Depot twice: October 2002 and January 2003. We hope to be back there sometime this summer.. These following shots were taken at our October appearance. Al took more photos at our January 2003 show. Look for them here very soon.

Finally, we are very excited about opening for John Sebastian on May 17th at the Narrows Center for the Arts. With any luck, we'll have some new photos to add to this page after that show!

FolksTogether: Coffee Depot 2002

Photos By Al Tetreault










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