Rick Bellaire and John Dunn

UPDATE: Since this page was written Rick has taken on some very important projects including producing the tribute show and tour for Ken Lyons and the Tombstone Blues Band. The Tombstone shows have drawn thousands from all over New England and helped re-establish Ken's career. He is alos working on a project with songwriting great Pete Anders, and recently produced the very successful benefit concert for bandmate Jeff Olson at the Narrows...


Rick Bellaire and John Dunn have been performing together for over twenty years. True Gemini twins, (born on the same day of the same year) Rick and John have spent the better part of their lives pursuing a mutual interest in writing and performing original music.

Rick and John play an impressive array of instruments including Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Mandola, Dobro and Banjo. Both are fine vocalists with distinctive styles that enhance their unique sound.

Through the years, Rick and John performed in many popular bands. After a series of close calls, they decided to downplay performing and turned their energies to songwriting.

Rick , John and Carleen Machado -Bellaire are a prolific, highly respected songwriting team. In 1995, they joined the Rhode Island Songwriters Association looking for kindred spirits. Through RISA they met Jeff and Donna Olson and began performing again as the acoustic duo Bellaire & Dunn .

The Bellaire ·Dunn · Machado song "A Cup of Kindness" is featured on "The 12 Steps of Christmas and Other Holiday Fare" compilation. They also provided production assistance and instrumental backup on Wire & Wood's track.

On "The 12 Steps" tour Bellaire & Dunn and Wire & Wood began collaborating on stage. After the tour, they were joined by Vinnie Pasternack and began performing as Folks Together.

In 1997, Bellaire & Dunn released "From Now On" a CD featuring 8 original compositions and songs by Lowell George, John Martyn, Matthew Fisher and Gene Clark. FolksTogether's version of Rick's "Harvest Time" is included on "The Time Is Now" a compilation recording released by the 1 of 52 Artists Hunger Network.

Since then, Rick has taken on the roll of primary producer on all of FolksTogether's CDs. On the most recent FT recording, Pilgrims , Rick wrote or co-wrote more than half of the songs. He played multiple instruments including Guitars, Mandolin, 4 and 6 striong Banjo, Accordian, Reed Organ, and multiple types of percussion . Rick also created the arrnagements for the versions of Pilgrim's Progress , Wishing Well and I Wasn't Born to Follow.

John Dunn engineered most of the sessions for Pilgrims. He helped with the arrnagements and assisted Henry played multiple instruments on Pilgrims including the bass, dobro , guitar, and John even made his recording debut as a drummer playing the "tubs"on two cuts!

In addition to writing music for FolksTogether, Rick and John (with Rick's wife Carleen Machado) are charter members of the Rhode Island Chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association International. A number of their songs are under consideration by publishers and artists in Nashville.

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