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From Now On

At the time of the Folks Together "union", Bellaire & Dunn were all but finished with their album. Rick, John, and Carleen had worked for more than three years writing and recording these songs.

While not a concept album per se, the songs on From Now On are thematically connected: Rick, John and Carleen wanted to convey a sense of their history - after more than twenty years of friendship and musical partnership, they had many stories to tell. Even with the success of Folks Together, there was no way they were going to abandon what in many ways was their life's work.

Bellaire & Dunn's "A Cup of Kindness" is featured on the PMW Release:

The 12 Steps of Christmas and Other Holiday Fare


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Bellaire & Dunn wish to thank the following individuals for their contributions to "From Now On"

Carleen Machado * Henry Gauvin * Vincent Pasternack * James Seabra
Co- Writer ** Engineer/Producer** Violin/Viola** Percussion**

Recorded and Produced by Henry Gauvin
Recorded at:Summer Lightning Studios in Providence, RI
Also produced by: Rick Bellaire & John Dunn
Graphics/Design by: Rick Bellaire, John Crafton II, Jeff Olson
Released by: Soft Wind Productions, Newport, RI
Original songs by Bellaire, Dunn and Machado
Published by: Mederick Music 1988 - 1998

Can't You Feel My Love: Matthew Fisher
20 Million Things: Lowell George
Full Circle: Gene Clark
Parcels: John Martyn

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