The Jeff Olson

Benefit Concert

October 5, 2008

at the

Narrows Center For the Arts

Fall River, MA


Photos by Kari Tieger and Ollie Brennan

 Steve Hug of the Narrows Center for the Arts Hosted the Benefit. Steve also spent many hours keeping Jeff company in RI Hospital

 Vinnie Pasternak and Rick Bellaire. Not only were they the force behind the benefit, they also spent many hours talking to a sometimes coherent Jeff Olson in RI Hospital

On August 3,2008 Jeff Olson entered RI hospital with what he thought was a bad case of the flu. 24 hours later he was fighting for his life in the ICU. For the first few days his condition deteriorated to the point that Dr's told Donna he was unlikely;y to make it. Donna would not accept their verdict and reached out to Rick Bellaire, Vincent Pasternak and Steve Hug (among others) for support. They and others including Donna family, Jeff's daughter Becky, Dr Karl Schwartz and Patti Schwartz, provided advise, support and prayers during the 10 days Jeff was unconscious. Miraculously, he survived and is now at home recuperating. It was during the early stages of Jeff's illness that Rick Bellaire proposed this benefit. Knowing that the Olson's health plan (the plan is don't get sick) didn't cover over $12,000 in expenses. Rick with the help of Steve Hug and Patrick Norton at the Narrows put together the idea for this benefit while Jeff was still in la La land... Rick was the primary force in putting the show together. He coordinated the musical portion of the program working with people from as far away as Central Maine and Western Massachusetts. He also handled communication and promotion... Vincent lent his support to the younger artists (especially Matt and Eric Olson and Matt's band the Dyke Street Boys)

Jeff and Donna Olson are very grateful to the above individuals and all the people who provided their talents, energy and monetary support to make this a success. Over 25 individuals and groups contributed items to the auction. More than 75 people attended the show and in all 18 people performed The benefit has thus far raised well over $1,500 (money is still coming in). Not pictured here is Barb Kemper. Barb coordinated the auction and helped with the communication efforts...

Others deserving mention are Donna's parents, the Anthony's and her sister and brother in law, Sharon and George Waterman.

Thank you one and all... Love Jeff and Donna Olson

Photos by Kari Tieger


 The Dyke Street Boys open the show with a high energy set of what some called "Cowboy Punk"

 Matt Olson performs an original song with Vincent Pasternak (Violin) and Mike of the Dyke Street Boys on Accordion.

Matt's younger brother Eric (center left) plays rhythm on Matt's "The Cave" 


Mike of the Dyke Street Boys shows off his multi instrumental skills 

Jesse belts out another Cowboy tune

Michelle Wilson and Fred Wilkes follow with a set of soulful Dylan tunes featuring great harmonies...

 Fred and Michelle have shared the stage with FolksTogether many times including sitting in for ailing band members on several occasions




Jeff Olson thanks the crowd

  Eric and Donna Olson watch from the crowd

Donna and Chris Myers share a laugh between sets


 Frank Gotwals came all the way from Deer Isle in Maine for the show.

 Frank performs a new composition with Rick and Vincent providing harmony

 Frank chats with Donna after his set



 Founding RISA Member Mary Wheelan

 Mary belts out the infamous "Carol's Lament"

 Jeff jam's with Mary on Carol's Lament


 Chris Myers

 Chris and Diane

 Diane Myers



 Dan Lilley performed his originals and songs from Neil Young and Dylan

 Dan with Rick Bellaire and Vincent Pasternak

 Dan was joined by Fred and Michelle plus Frank Gotwals and FolksTogether bassist John Dunn for Dylan's "I Shall Be Released"



 Fred Michelle, Frank and John provide some fine harmony.

 Kari Tieger and her husband Ollie Brennan took the above photos

 Jeff and Donna Olson

New, Photos by Val Ottone added 12/21/08


 The Dyke Street Boys

  The Dyke Street Boys

 Matt Olson with brother Eric and Vincent Pasternak


 Chris Myers and Jeff

 Chris and Diane on stage

 Jeff and May Wheelan play Carol's Lament

Val Ottone's Photos


 Dan Lilley and Friends....

 FolksTogether with Matt Olson and Fred Wilkes

 Matt Olson sings Texas Tonight


 Jeff and Donna sing "Waltz for the Ladies

 Jeff joins the group for the finale "Lord Knows"

 Jeff joins the group for the finale "Lord Knows"

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