Strawberry Festival

Sunday June 13, 1999

Riverfront Park, Beacon N Y

 Following our appearance at the 1998 Recycle Festival, FolksTogether was invited to return to Beacon for the 1999 Beacon Sloop Club Strawberry Festival. We accepted before we had any idea who else would be playing. We knew it meant we'd get another chance hear and possibly perform with the great Pete Seeger. When we got there that morning we were excited to learn that we would also be sharing the stage with Country Joe McDonald, Sloan Wainright, the truly incredible Ecuadorian Folk Group Yarina and songwriters David Buskin and Rob Carlson and their group, Modern Men..


 FolksTogether with Pete Seeger

 Pete and Tao Seeger

 Other performers

Photographs courtesy of Barbara Kemper...

FolksTogether on stage with Pete Seeger

It was a long day, and our set was one of the last. By the time we got to play the crowd had slimmed somewhat from the more than 5,000 that had attended that day. Those who remained proved to be a great audience. Pete Seeger join us for our finale: his"Sailing Down My Dirty Stream." To say the least, it was very well received and a provided fitting end to a very enjoyable day of music...


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Pete and Tao Seeger

Pete Seeger plays the flute as his grandson Tao waits to join him onstage.

The Seegers' put on a great show. Tao handled many of the lead vocals. Pete claims he can't sing anymore, but he did a pretty fair job on the ones he tried. What he lacks in power he makes up for in passion...

Pete's Banjo reads, "This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender"

Pete autographing a fan's shirt.


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More Performers...


Modern Men featuring David Buskin and Rob Carlson


Country Joe McDonald


Our good friend Frank Gotwals performed songs from his "Ouch" Cd on the kids stage...




  Folks Together wishes to thank everyone at The Beacon Sloop Club, especially music coordinator Dan Searles, for inviting us to take part in this great event...The Beacon Sloop Club promotes environmental awareness through educational and political activites. If you would like learn more about how you can "Help The Hudson" contact Dan Searles. Or check out this web site for info on environmental and politacal activism in the Hudson Valley...

Clouds over Beacon Harbor...

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